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Cash Management

Looking to also open a checking account or finance your business?

We help you collect, disburse, and manage funds and stay informed about your company's cash position.

Collecting Funds

  • ACH Origination: Use the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) network to quickly and easily collect payments electronically from consumer and corporate accounts, providing more accurate and timely collection of payments. (Credit approval required.)
  • Branch Deposits: Make deposits at any of our conveniently located bank branches during regular banking hours, or use our night drop to make deposits after hours.
  • Cash Concentration: Quickly and easily initiate next-day transfers from your company’s accounts at other banks to your HomeStreet Bank account using our Cash Concentration service. Reporting is available to show the daily deposits reported from each of your company’s locations.
  • Cash Vault/Armored Car: Armored car service is available on a regular schedule ranging from once a month to seven days a week, based on your needs. NOTE: this service is available in select areas. Please contact us for more information. (Provided by a third party vendor.)
  • Lockbox: Convert your receivables into cash more quickly by setting up a Lockbox account. Customizable payment processing is available to help speed the collection of payments and streamline reporting. We provide electronic delivery of detailed processing reports and posting files that are configured to integrate with your accounting software. NOTE: this service is available in select areas. Please contact us for more information. (Provided by a third party vendor.)
  • Incoming Wire Transfers: Arrange for incoming wire transfer notifications by email or through Business Online Banking.
  • Merchant Bankcard Services: Accept and process credit card payments in person, over the phone, or on your website. (Provided by a third party vendor.)
  • Remote Deposit Capture: Deposit checks directly from your computer or desktop. Scan images of checks and send them electronically to your HomeStreet account for processing.
  • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture: Ideal for lower volume deposits – just download our Business Mobile Banking app and securely deposit checks using your smart device (Android phone, iPhone, and/or iPad). Email notices will keep you informed every step of the way, from when your deposit has been submitted to when it has been processed.
  • Check2ACH: Converts paper Bill Pay checks to ACH transactions. We provide daily transaction reports that allow you to view and decision incoming payments. We provide a daily posting file that integrates with your accounting software.

Disbursing Funds

  • ACH Origination: Electronically initiate payments to consumer and corporate customers and suppliers. Credit approval required.
  • Business Credit Cards: Improve cash flow and easily track business expenses with your choice of business credit cards. Credit approval required.
  • Corporate Purchase Cards: Designed for businesses with annual sales greater than $10 million. Allows your company to proactively manage spending, monitor payment activity and mitigate risk.
  • Outgoing Wire Transfers: Initiate domestic and international wire transfers using Business Online Banking by phone, by sending a fax, or through encrypted email.

Managing Funds

  • Automatic Cash Sweep: Earn interest on excess account funds by setting up a Cash Sweep account. At the end of each business day, funds are automatically transferred between your business checking account and a special bank money market account.
  • Automatic Loan Sweep: Reduce interest expense by setting up a Loan Sweep. At the end of each business day, funds are automatically transferred between your business checking account and your line of credit.
  • Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs): Automatic, end of day transfer of funds between disbursement (or deposit) accounts and concentration accounts. Consolidating balances in a single account increases operational efficiency and reduces administrative expenses.

Staying Informed

  • Account Analysis: Review a consolidated monthly report summarizing all activity on your accounts. Your collected balances receive an earnings credit which can be used to offset each month’s service fees.
  • Positive Pay: View potentially fraudulent transactions before they impact your account. You make the decision either to pay or return any suspect items.
  • ACH Positive Pay: Prevent unauthorized incoming ACH debits on your accounts.
  • Business Online Banking & Business Mobile Banking: View account balance and transaction detail for your business checking and loan accounts, transfer between accounts, inquire on the status of transactions, and place stop payments. You determine the access rights for users authorized under your company's Business Online Banking profile.
  • Check Images on CD ROM: A convenient long-term storage and retrieval solution for viewing images of paid checks.
  • E-Statements: Enroll in E-Statements to receive electronic copies of your checking, savings, money market and loan account statements. Enrolling replaces mailed statements with electronic statements, increasing security and allowing more timely access to your account. NOTE: E-Statements are available on select loan types.
  • E-Notices: Enroll in E-Notices to receive electronic notices of activity on your checking, savings, money market and loan accounts. Enrolling replaces mailed notices with electronic notices, increasing security and allowing more timely access to your account. NOTE: E-notices are available on select loan types.
  • EDI Reporting: Receive same-day notification of incoming ACH transactions containing remittance data.

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