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Consumer Loan Applicant FAQ


Our consumer loans are all processed centrally. It typically takes 1-2 business days to get a loan decision, depending on your loan type and information provided up front. If we need something you haven’t yet provided, like a paystub, we will begin to underwrite your loan using your stated values, but will verify everything before final approval. If you are applying for a deposit secured loan or an unsecured loan, you can typically close your loan within 2-5 business days from application. If you are applying for a loan to purchase a vehicle or vessel, closing will not occur until we have inspected the collateral (if applicable); ensured proper sales and transfer paperwork is in place and coordinated any needed documents. Private party purchases are not allowed. Once a decision is made, your banker will contact you with your decision and any next steps. If your loan is declined, the Consumer Lending team will send you a letter with the specific reasons along with information on how to obtain and review a copy of your credit report.

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