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Our Team

Mark Durazo

Director, Specialty Deposit Solutions

Mark brings 15 years of experience in specialized deposits to HomeStreet Bank, including the compliance expertise associated with the variable business standards. Examples of these specialized deposit clients include Property Management, Title/Escrow, Self-Storage, Hospitality Management, Housing Authorities, Local Unions, Political Action Committees (PACs), Franchise/Restaurant Management, Receivership, 3rd Party Fiduciary, Turn Around Management and Attorney Client Trust. Mark was the foundation in building a team dedicated to the needs of these complex industries and creating a niche business line at Wells Fargo Bank before joining HomeStreet. This elite team achieved consistent results and was a model for efficiency maximization throughout the entire Commercial Banking Team - a target we will strive for as we build this exciting new team. Mark is working closely with our Cash Management, Commercial Deposit Services, and Technology teams to develop competitive solutions to support the bank-wide Specialty Deposit Solutions business line.

Mark was born in Bisbee, AZ a copper mining town in Southern Arizona. Post high school he joined the US Air Force and spent four years providing classified intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance information to the National Security Agency. During this time, Mark was stationed in Texas, Massachusetts, the United Kingdom, and Greece where he experienced new cultures and gained valuable diverse perspective. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Arizona State University and plans to pursue his master’s degree in the same field. Mark has dedicated his volunteer efforts to supporting veteran and active duty military servicemembers and their families. He mentors service members and veterans on the transition from active duty to civilian life, easing the potential challenges associated with military separation. A cause to which he intends to bring greater awareness here at HomeStreet Bank!

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