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Holiday Loans

Frequently Asked Questions

Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement 12.50%

Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement 16.49%

How do I apply for a holiday loan if I didn't get a check? 
You may apply for a $2,500.00 fixed rate loan by visiting or calling any HomeStreet Bank branch. Subject to approval.

How did we determine who we approved for the loan? Is this solely credit based? 
We prescreened HomeStreet deposit account customers over the age of 18 who reside in CA, HI, OR or WA and cashed their Holiday Loan check during our 2022 promotion. We then used credit score and history to determine who would receive the offer. It is based on credit and participation in screening programs. 

When was the check sent and where is it coming from?  
Checks were sent on or about November 1, 2023 and are being mailed from California.

Are Holiday Loans automatically set up for autopay? 
No, you may initiate autopay through an eligible HomeStreet Bank deposit account by checking the enrollment box on the back of your Holiday Loan check. If the enrollment box is not checked, you will receive monthly billing statements. 
If you would like to enroll in automatic payments through another financial institution, you would need to complete an Automatic Payment Withdrawal Authorization Form.

If I “opted out” during the year, will I still receive this offer? 
No, you will not as we must honor your preferences.  You may apply for a $2,500.00 fixed rate loan by visiting or calling any HomeStreet Bank branch. Subject to approval. 

What if my check is lost or stolen?
Contact us at 1-844-874-7468 and we will work with you to resolve the issue and re-issue your Holiday Loan check.

Will the loan be visible in online banking?  
Yes, the loan will be visible in online banking within 1-2 business days of negotiating your Holiday Loan check. If the loan is not visible, please contact the Customer Service Center at 800-719-8080 or 855-584-0256 for the hearing impaired.

What day of the month is the payment due?
Your first payment will be due approximately 45 calendar days after your check is cashed or deposited and monthly thereafter.  You will be sent a Truth in Lending disclosure specific to your loan once your check has been processed. 

Are there any prepayment penalties?
No, there are no penalties for early payment or payoff.

Can I use the check that was mailed as a mobile deposit?
Yes, as long as you physically endorse the check and mark the box that states, “Please check here if this is a mobile deposit.”

Will there be any relationship or autopay discounts for this offer?
No, the offered rate is fixed regardless of employer, relationship with HomeStreet Bank or enrollment in automatic payments.

When should I expect my check to come in the mail? 
Checks should begin arriving on or after November 1, 2023.


Call us at 844-874-7468


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