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5 Home Maintenance Myths to Bust This Summer

Let's shatter these myths and set the record straight.

Summer is a time for visiting the pool, going on vacations, and enjoying fun in the sun in your own backyard. But high energy bills, muggy indoor air, and unwanted pests are things that you’d like to keep off your summer playlist. Avoid these common maintenance misconceptions to give your home the care it needs.

Myth: Closing vents in unused rooms helps save energy.

Reality: Closing vents in unused rooms may actually disrupt the balance of the HVAC system by causing pressure imbalances, which is a potential strain on the system. It’s often more effective to maintain consistent airflow for better energy efficiency.

Myth: Cutting your grass lower means less mowing.

Reality: Cutting grass too short can damage the soil and the mower itself, and it leaves your lawn more susceptible to weeds. Also, short grass may not block the sun properly, which can dry out the soil and create dead patches.

Myth: It doesn’t matter which direction your ceiling fan spins.

Reality: Ceiling fans are meant to propel cool air toward the ceiling during the winter and push cooler air down during the summer. You should set them counterclockwise in the summer and clockwise in the winter.

Myth: Bugs and other pests don’t come into a clean house.

Reality: Bugs come into clean and dirty homes in search of three things: food, water, and shelter. It’s important to seal any entry points (doors, windows, gaps around pipes and utility lines, etc.) that pests can use to access your home.

Myth: UV protection window film makes it difficult to clean your windows and makes your home’s interior darker.

Reality: Tinting and quality have come a long way in UV protection window film. Today’s models can keep out UV rays and heat without making the window too dark, and you can clean them just like windows that don’t have it.  




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