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The Freedom 30: A Year-long System for Financial Goal Achievement

If you look around the internet, you’ll find many quotes about dreams and goals and what it takes to get there. You don’t have to search hard to find boatloads of people who think they’ve drilled down to the one secret ingredient to achieving all your ambitions in life, whether that key element is passion, determination, planning, or something else.

However, one thing that needs to be discussed more is how your ambitions in life need infrastructure. What do we mean by that? Infrastructure means you have time set aside in your life to break down your larger ambitions into smaller, more manageable tasks. If you were thinking of becoming an architect or a nurse, you’d look at years of knowledge acquisition and skill-building chopped up into many separate exercises. Taking control of your money is no different in that sense. It will take a while, and that’s why you need action items accomplished over time built into your plan.

You might still be asking yourself, Why not just do it all at once? Why not get a budget in place, improve your credit, and bulk up your retirement savings in one big push? The reality is that truly taking command of your resources and putting your income to work for you will never be accomplished in just one or two sittings. On top of that, it’s something you want to take your time with. Taking your time to do all the necessary steps to brighten your financial outlook will make all the difference.

The Freedom 30 program was designed with all this in mind. By following this monthly schedule of money mastery tasks, you can give yourself a less stressful and more rewarding path forward.

How it works

The Freedom 30 program is designed to provide a schedule of weekly money well-being mini-projects to complete on your way to greater financial freedom by the end of the year.

The approach is simple: You set aside 30 minutes each week to perform a specific task aimed at improving your financial standing. The tasks will be laid out for you in themed months, so all you need to do is follow the instructions. Make sure to choose a time each week in which you can really put all distractions aside and focus intently. Try to create as calm and pleasant an atmosphere as possible to make the process go smoothly.

Let’s get started!

Be a Real Goal-Getter

The tasks for this month are all centered around establishing goals. After all, you can’t get to a better place without first knowing where that place is. While it might initially seem odd to start with something that isn’t moving you forward immediately, zeroing in on goals will influence everything else you’re doing throughout this extended exercise. Doing this now will make all the hard work you put in feel like it’s moving you closer to that ideal life you fantasize about.




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