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Holiday Home Makeovers That Won't Break the Bank

Holidays bring joy, fellowship, and time for reflection on the important things in life, but unfortunately they also bring something else: financial pressure. Party hosting, gift giving, and traveling can put the squeeze on your budget, but there are ways to cut costs without sacrificing the spirit of the season, especially when it comes to decorating. Here are some ideas to help you deck the halls without spending a fortune!

Set a Budget

It’s easy to overspend at the holidays, and stores take advantage of that urge by creating eye-catching displays and visions of whole-house makeovers. To keep yourself from stuffing your shopping cart fuller than Santa’s sleigh, figure out how much you can afford to spend before buying a single item of décor. If possible, set aside that money in cash, so you’ll know exactly when to say when.

Say “No, No, No” to Perfectionism

Look, Martha Stewart has a bigger budget than you. Don’t try to make your house look like a designer’s dream … stick to decorating the areas of the house that everyone enjoys (like the family room) and let the kitchen alone. The cookies will taste delicious no matter what.

Embrace Minimalism

Remember that whatever you buy will have to be packed away and stored in a few weeks. Select items that really speak to you and resist the urge to pick up every cute knickknack that catches your eye. Additionally, try to prune down your existing stash of holiday items while you’re decorating at the beginning of the season. After all, how many winter throw pillows do you really need?

Combine Form and Function

Simply put, look for items that serve a purpose other than sitting on a shelf. Hand towels, welcome mats, festive pajamas, and scented candles are way more useful than 20 Santa figurines!

Cultivate a Style

Are you all about the holiday colors, or do you prefer a wintry white palette? Old-fashioned kitsch or clean and modern? Lean into your tastes and develop a color palette and style for your decorations, just as you do when furnishing a home. Then stick to that aesthetic and take a hard pass on items that don’t enhance that look.

Take Your Time

Santa has to get around the world in one night, but you are NOT under that kind of pressure to develop your holiday style! If you’ve just moved into a new house or are looking to overhaul your seasonal look, remember that you don’t have to make it all happen this year. Start with small steps … and small amounts of money … and build your style over time. Most of all, enjoy the process and enjoy watching your perfect holiday home décor come together!




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