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10 Budget-Friendly Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

When people drive past your home, do they see a place they’d love to live in, or just another house? The difference comes down to curb appeal, which is achieved through elements like exterior condition, landscaping, and personal decorative touches like distinctive light fixtures or colorful accents. And fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home look like a million bucks. Here are some low-cost, low-effort ways to take your home’s exterior from blah to “Wow!” 

  1. Power wash exterior surfaces, including the house, driveway, patio, and decks. Repair any concrete cracks or damaged wood.
  2. Repaint the front door. If you're tired of the existing color or want to add a bold statement, consider using a color that stands out from (without clashing with) the home's color. Bright colors like reds, yellows, teals, and blues are on-trend and sure to make your house stand out.
  3. Make sure outdoor lights are clean and working, and if your porch is still dim, upgrade lighting to improve both appearance and safety. To really add a distinctive touch, install uplighting to add depth and dimension to your landscaping.
  4. Trim trees and bushes to remove any dead limbs and ensure branches don't brush against visitors. If there are electrical lines in the vicinity of your trees, though, contact the power company first.
  5. Remove any dead plants and freshen up your landscaping with a new look. If you're not sure what plants to choose, ask staff at your local garden center for tips on adding color and variety to your yard and garden beds.
  6. Add fresh mulch to garden beds once you're done with planting. This will promote healthy plants while making your landscape look more pristine.
  7. Change out exterior hardware like address numbers, mailboxes, door handles/locks, and light fixtures. (If you choose light fixtures with the same mounting system as your current ones, you can cut your cost and labor.) Keep finishes consistent to create a seamless look.
  8. Illuminate pathways with solar lighting. In addition to adding a pleasing glow, these will make it easier for visitors to navigate walkways and porches.
  9. Turn your front porch into a welcoming space that encourages outdoor relaxation. Planters can add a splash of color and make it easy for you to swap out seasonal plants. And if you have patio or deck space, add seating such as a porch swing or accent chairs to create an area for lounging or visiting with neighbors.
  10. Plant trees to enhance your yard while doing some good for Mother Earth. Small ornamental trees are ideal if you're going to be moving soon, but if you're putting down roots at this house (no pun intended), consider larger, slower growing trees like oak or maple.





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