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To Renovate or Relocate: Housing Red Flags or Dealbreakers Edition

Let’s be honest, when looking to buy a house, not all homes are worth your time. When you only get a glimpse through filtered Zillow photos and a rushed tour, it can be easy to overlook things you know would’ve been dealbreakers. Take our quiz below to help you figure out if you should swipe left on the next house you view or if it’s just *quirky*:


There’s either a burning candle or an air freshener in every room of the house:

  1. You were planning on keeping incense going 24/7 anyway.
  2. What does the house smell like without the pee?

The house doesn’t come with central air:

  1. You’re a ‘socks on even in the summer’ person anyway.
  2. Those sweat glands could never…

The kitchen is in desperate need to be brought into this decade:

  1. You have a Pinterest board of kitchen DIY projects at the ready.
  2. A kitchen renovation--in this economy?!

You notice that some of the rooms have suspicious patches of fresh paint

  1. Great, less work once you move in
  2. Could they be covering up mold or water damage?

There are no handrails on the main staircase

  1. You weren’t planning on using the stairs anyway.
  2. You know this means your federally insured mortgage will not go through without railings.

The house keeps going back on the market.

  1. The past prospective buyers probably just couldn’t get their financing right...all 4 of them
  2. Maybe this house has not been able to pass a single inspection...

If you chose mostly 1’s–swipe right, you’ve met your match.

Though the house may have a few quirks here and there, they are all fixable.  So get your offer in quick (and maybe be ready for a remodel).

If you chose mostly 2’s–hard swipe left, leave this catfish in the dust.

Sounds like this home could be hiding a few huge dealbreakers under its perfect façade. You know these would mean extensive renovations, so it’s on to the next!




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