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To Renovate or Relocate: Haunted House Edition

Hear a creak in the attic? Or maybe your phone seemingly moved itself across the room? We hate to break it to you, but it’s possible your house could be haunted. How will you know? Take our quiz below to help you figure out if you should leave your house to the ghosts or just fix that squeaky floorboard: 


You regularly hear an eerie whistle from the upstairs bedroom: 

  1. Yes, especially with a full moon
  2. Yes, but only when it’s windy outside 

The basement always seems about 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house.  

  1. Yes, one could say it’s bone chilling *shudders*
  2. Yes, but your radiator ALWAYS goes out at the most inconvenient times 

The lights flicker on and off when you walk into a room 

  1. Yes, always three times, always at midnight, and always when you’re home alone.
  2. Yes, but did we remember to pay the electricity bill last month?! 

Things aren’t always in the place you left them when you wake up in the morning: 

  1. Yes, you’ve even found your furniture rearranged
  2. Yes, but your significant other tends to sleepwalk 

Your cute family photos keep falling off the walls 

  1. Yes, and a lot of time they’re shattered
  2. Yes, but you live in an earthquake zone 

If you chose mostly 1’s – you may not be the only one in your home. We’d consider moving asap. 

We’d agree that there may be paranormal activities going on in your house. It may be time to cut your losses and move out. Alternatively, you could always look into hiring a highly rated exorcist. 

If you chose mostly 2’s – good news, your house isn’t haunted. But it could use a couple updates. 

While your old house may sound creaky, it’s probably just time to update those floorboards. Take stock of everything that’s been bothering you and get some estimates for the work that needs to be done. If the total amount doesn’t give you sticker shock, then you can continue living happily in your *new* old home.  




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