Commercial Lending Relationship Managers

Commercial Banking Relationship Manager | HomeStreet Bank

Commercial Banking Relationship Managers

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Meet our Commercial Banking Relationship Managers:

Business Loans
Western Washington
David Parr | HomeStreet Bank

David Parr

Seattle, WA

Greg Gratz | HomeStreet Bank

Greg Gratz

Seattle, WA

Chris Mann | HomeStreet Bank

Chris Mann

Seattle, WA

John Adkins_267x333

John Adkins

Seattle, WA

Joe Jornadal | HomeStreet Bank

Joe Jornadal

Seattle, WA

Douang Nonthaveth | HomeStreet Bank

Douang Nonthaveth

Kent, WA

Greg Rafuse_267x333

Greg Rafuse

Kent, WA

Amy Row | HomeStreet Bank

Amy Row

Seattle, WA

Nancy Deluca | HomeStreet Bank

Nancy DeLuca

Seattle, WA

Frank Matulis | HomeStreet Bank

Frank Matulis

Kent, WA

Jason Gill_267x333

Jason Gill

Seattle, WA

Eastern Washington
Terry Otte | HomeStreet Bank

Terry Otte

Richland, WA

Kurt Beckley | HomeStreet Bank

Kurt Beckley

Richland, WA

Terri LeBlanc | HomeStreet Bank

Terri LeBlanc

Richland, WA

Chris Poffenroth | HomeStreet Bank

Cliff Poffenroth

Spokane, WA

Chris Davis | HomeStreet Bank

Chris Davis

Yakima, WA

Kimberly Morrier | HomeStreet Bank

Kimberly Morrier

Yakima, WA

Tony Cabrera | HomeStreet Bank

Tony Cabrera

Sunnyside, WA

Northern California
Ted Bojorquez_267x333

Ted Bojorquez

San Jose, CA

Tom Nguyen | HomeStreet Bank

Tom Nguyen

San Jose, CA

Jay Gines | HomeStreet Bank

Jay Gines

San Jose, CA

Lillian Lee | HomeStreet Bank

Lillian Lee

San Jose, CA

Southern California
Michael Hahn | HomeStreet Bank

Michael Hahn

Irvine, CA

Andrew Fulton_267x333

Andrew Fulton

Irvine, CA

Art Carter_267x333

Arthur Carter

Irvine, CA

Manny Montanez

Manny Montanez

Irvine, CA

Tony Quan2_267x333

Anthony Quan

Lake Oswego, OR

Chris Huth_267x333

Chris Huth

Lake Oswego, OR

Have a Small Business? 

SBA Loans

Meet all of our SBA Relationship Managers:
Aaron Smith - SBA Lending in WA, OR, CA | HomeStreet Bank

Aaron Smith

Roseville, CA

David Amarante

David Amarante

Roseville, CA

Steven Evans | HomeStreet Bank

Steven Evans

Seattle, Washington

Brian Salva SBA Officer | HomeStreet Bank

Brian Salva

Olympia, WA

Matt Cheeseman_267x333

Matt Cheeseman

Pleasanton, CA

Mark Mashouri_267x333

Mark Mashouri

Irvine, CA

Own a Professional Practice?

Professional Practice Loans

Meet all our Professional Practice Lending Relationship Managers:
Scott Harvey | HomeStreet Bank

Scott Harvey

Seattle, WA

Howard Boles | HomeStreet Bank

Howard Boles

Irvine, CA

Leigh Sinni | HomeStreet Bank

Leigh Sinni

Seattle, WA

Marc Mohagen | HomeStreet Bank

Marc Mohagen

Seattle, WA

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