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Mark Rocklin

Mark Rocklin

Loan Officer

Mark is a driven, motivated and committed business development and sales officer with over 18 years of successful experience in building and growing solid, long-term relationships.
Proven track record in growing and cultivating strong relationships and strive for the "giver" vs. the "give me" approach to building solid partnerships. Simply asking for the opportunity to work with a client isn't enough... Providing deliverables to help that consumer or that business grow, establishing trust and mutual respect, is when that opportunity is earned.

I have the experience to help you with all the facets of residential custom construction financing from lot acquisition to builder qualification to funds to close. My knowledge also covers Owner/Builder financing where I use a consultative approach in working with the borrower(s) and the builder in determining the best product, interest rate, and terms available. 

Building your dream home doesn’t have to be complicated or overly stressful. Let HomeStreet’s Construction Loan, put you in your dream home today!


  • Networking business owners and referrals
  • Tireless dedication and commitment to my customers' banking & lending needs
  • Consultative Approach to customers' needs#1 Banker / Relationship Manager
  • Rookie Of The Year - 2016
Customer Testimonials
"Mark Rocklin is a consummate business professional that I had the pleasure to meet earlier this year. Mark provides a high level of customer service in a knowledgeable, kind and friendly manner. Within a short time of meeting Mark, it becomes quite clear that he is passionate about his business and the service that he provides to his customers. Mark is motivated to go above and beyond to meet the needs of his clients and connect them with services to achieve their personal or business banking goals."