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Kurt Beckley

Kurt Beckley

VP, Team Lead Commercial Lending

Commercial and Agricultural Lending/Banking in today's world is vastly different than it was in the past due to a lot of circumstances both within as well as beyond our control. With that being said, the one thing that has not changed for me is the level of service and dedication to success that I have committed to for my existing clients and those prospective relationships I am in constant search mode for. 

I have heard lately that "gut feeling" or "handshake banking" is dead. I would wholeheartedly disagree with that notion! Current world conditions demand not only Bankers/Lenders have a good "gut feel", it demands that they have the analytical and evaluation skills to help validate that subjective characterization of clients and prospects. 

I am that type of Banker. 

I believe that my ability to get a good “read” on clients and prospects, as well as everyday people in general has successfully carried me from the decks of the commercial crabbing and fishing boats I started out on as an 18 year old to the forum and platform I conduct business from today.

I believe that education and experience are synonymous. Mine has helped define and refine what kind of Banker and person I am today.