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Karen Brewer

Karen Brewer

Loan Officer

I grew up in and with the mortgage industry. I have been in Single Family Residential Lending since 1970 with experience in title, escrow and most of all, mortgages. Things have definitely changed along the way, A LOT. The four decades I have spent doing loans makes me uniquely qualified to assist you through the "maze" that is a mortgage in today's world. 

I retired in 2011 and move to Argentina, where I own a small vineyard. I found that I really missed working in this industry because I am lucky enough to be able to HELP people every single day that I work. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve and assist people in buying or refinancing their homes. To make it as stress free and fast as possible.

In the mortgage industry today, EVERYONE prices from the same markets and sheets. The only thing that we have to really offer that is different is our level of caring and customer service, how we respond to the things that happen (and things DO happen - after all, this is life). THAT is what differentiates s from the pack. THAT is why you should do business with me.

I look forward to serving you.