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Greg Olivas

Greg Olivas

Loan Officer

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A California native, Greg, has spent the last two and a half decades serving his community with home loans. This experience has led him to be an expert when it comes to navigating through the weeds of the home loan process. Purchasing, and still owning, his first home here on the Central Coast when he was 24 years old. “There is not another place like this, coming home to the Central Coast is always pleasant, no matter how good the vacation was.” says Greg Olivas.

Being an avid music lover, golf bum, and beach goer keeps him outdoors in most of his free time. The surrounding vineyards, countless event activities, and endless musical talent that pours through here allows for a life worth living.

Greg is currently the trusted lender for Bella Casa and Oak Trail, new home communities in Atascadero. He also is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist with an array of loan programs just for you.  

Don’t wait any longer, click to apply online or contact Greg at 805-710-2500 or now. 

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Customer Testimonials

Refinancing our mortgage seemed like a daunting task. We felt that refinancing was a decision that we would be living with for years and it was essential that we get it right. To us, this transaction was much too important to fumble through on some internet website. It made much more sense to contact an experienced local professional to help us determine what questions we should be asking and how to begin the process. 
We contacted Greg Olivas, who worked with us on many levels. Greg listened to our needs, helped us choose the mortgage that made the most sense for us and made us feel confident through every stage of the refinance process. We were kept up-to-date and the time lines Greg gave us were spot on. 
We can wholeheartedly say we now have a mortgage guy. The sincerest compliment that we can give Greg Olivas is to refer a friend, and we have!
~Elaine C.