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The Lowdown on Down Payments

The lowdown on down payments

Homebuyers don't always need 20% down.

Having a large down payment is often one of the biggest perceived obstacles faced by homebuyers. Buyers, especially those purchasing their first home, often don’t realize there are many opportunities to get the keys to their new home with much less than 20% down. Both VA and USDA loans require nothing down for eligible borrowers. A down payment of 3-3.5% is all a buyer needs to take advantage of a Conventional or FHA loan. HomeStreet is also proud to offer low down payment Jumbo loans for homes with higher purchase prices.

Plus, with access to an assortment of down payment assistance (DPA) programs, we can help eligible buyers take advantage of programs to reduce their down payment or closing costs even further. No need to do a ton of research yourself, either. We work with DPA programs every day and can present the options that exist once we know the specifics of your situation.

Before you spend more time saving towards a down payment (and watching mortgage interest rates rise and home prices increase), let one of our expert Home Loan Officers give you the facts on what it would take for you to buy a home. You’re probably more ready than you think!

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