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HomeStreet Bank Sponsors H1 Unlimited U-1 Miss Madison Hydroplane

February 22, 2016SEATTLE, Wash. – Monday, February 22, 2016 – HomeStreet Bank today announced that it will sponsor the 2015 National Champion and APBA Gold Cup winning Miss Madison H1 Unlimited hydroplane for this season. HomeStreet’s sponsorship was announced to the racing community at the H1 Unlimited 2015 Awards Banquet held at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center Saturday, February 20.

“We are thrilled to be sponsoring an H-1 Unlimited team again this year and even more thrilled to sponsor Miss Madison,” said HomeStreet CEO and President Mark Mason. “It will race this year for our customers in Seattle, the Tri-Cities, and San Diego—communities where we do business and communities that we are proud to serve.” HomeStreet Bank will also be introduced to racing fans in races in Detroit, Michigan, a planned return to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and the team’s hometown of Madison, Indiana.

Fan-favorite Miss Madison is the world’s only community-owned Unlimited hydroplane. The Miss Madison team has competed since 1961 and is the winningest active H1 Unlimited racing team. It is led by Charlie Grooms, the President of Miss Madison, Inc., championship-winning driver Jimmy Shane, the sport’s best turbine engine specialist, Crew Chief Larry Hanson and an all-star crew. 

Charlie Grooms and the team are looking forward to the new partnership. “Miss Madison and the citizen owners of Madison, Indiana are extremely honored to begin this unique partnership with HomeStreet Bank, their associates, their customers and staff,” Grooms said.  “While being unique in many ways, this partnership reflects those things that are common to both entities – a sense of community. As one of the largest community banks in Washington, HomeStreet Bank and the ‘community-owned’ hydroplane share many common objectives. We are excited to begin a National Championship program with a wonderful community-minded partner.”

This is the second racing season that HomeStreet Bank has sponsored an H1 Unlimited hydroplane, entering the sport in 2015.

About H1 Unlimited

In 1903, the world's first unlimited hydroplane race took place. Today H1 Unlimited is the international organizing body for the most spectacular boat racing category in the world. As the sanctioned organization for the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) and the American Power Boat Association (APBA), H1 Unlimited oversees the world’s fastest class of closed-course racing boats with engines pumping out 3,000 horsepower, reaching speeds more than 200 mph. For more information, please visit