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Unemployment Fraud

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Unemployment Fraud Information

You may have read in the news about increased instances of unemployment fraud targeting state unemployment offices.


If you have reason to believe someone has applied for unemployment benefits using your information, it is recommended to report the fraudulent activity immediately to your state's Employment Security Department. Helpful information for reporting this activity is included below:

- Go to the Attorney General’s Recovering from identity theft or fraud web page and follow the instructions.

- File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) online at or call 877.ID.THEFT. In addition, the FTC recommends that you:

- File a police report. Get a copy of the report to submit to your creditors and others that may require proof of the crime.

- Place a fraud alert on your credit reports and review your credit reports periodically to ensure no new fraudulent activity has occurred.

- Request your free credit reports via and review them for other fraudulent activities.

- Close the accounts that you know or believe have been tampered with or opened fraudulently.


Resources if you live in Washington:

Washington State Employment Security Department

Washington State Employment Security Department – Employment Fraud information

- How to Report Fraud: Fill out this secure Fraud reporting form.

- To help prevent your information from being used for unemployment fraud, you can log on to the Washington State Employment Security Department and create a secure profile, which would prevent others from doing so. (You do not have to file or initiate a claim to create a profile.)


Resources if you live in California:

California Employment Development Department

Fraud Prevention and Detection Activities for Work and Wages

- How to Report Fraud: If you think someone is committing UI fraud, notify the EDD immediately using Ask EDD or call the EDD Fraud Tip Hot-Line at 1.800.229.6297 (anonymous calls are accepted). For more information, review How to Report Unemployment Insurance Fraud.


Resources if you live in Oregon:

State of Oregon Employment Department

State of Oregon Employment Department - Fraud Information

- How to Report Fraud: If you have information about unemployment fraud, call 1.877.668.3204.  Or, you may send an e-mail to the Fraud Hotline.


Resources if you live in Hawaii:

State of Hawaii Unemployment Insurance

State of Hawaii Unemployment Information on Fraud

- How to Report Fraud: If you suspect someone is fraudulently collecting unemployment benefits, call 808.586.8947. You will be asked for the person or business involved in committing fraud and a description of fraudulent activities.


For more general information on protecting yourself against identity theft, the Federal Trade Commission has numerous tips, including warning signs of ID theft.


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