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Cardless Cash

Cardless Cash now available with the HomeStreet Bank mobile app

Getting cash from a HomeStreet Bank ATM has never been easier!

With the Cardless Cash feature in the HomeStreet Bank mobile app, you can withdraw money from HomeStreet Bank ATMs using your smartphone.

Cardless Cash is:

    • Fast - Set-up cash withdrawal transaction details in advance before arriving at an ATM. No need to insert your card and enter the PIN.
    • Secure - Set-up transaction details privately without worrying about your card information and PIN being viewed.
    • Convenient - No need to carry a debit card to use the ATM.

Here’s how it works:

    1. Tap the + icon in the HomeStreet Bank mobile app.
    2. Tap the Cardless Cash button in the HomeStreet Bank mobile app and select the amount.
    3. On the HomeStreet Bank ATM screen, select Cardless Cash to view the QR code.
    4. Tap Scan in the HomeStreet Bank mobile app and point the camera on your mobile device toward the QR code on the HomeStreet Bank ATM screen.
    5. Collect your cash.
Download the HomeStreet Bank mobile app  Download the HomeStreet Bank mobile app

If you’re not already enrolled in online banking, click here.


What is Cardless Cash?

    • Cardless Cash is a mobile banking feature that lets you access cash from designated HomeStreet Bank ATMs using your HomeStreet Mobile Banking App without swiping your ATM or debit card. It’s a faster, more convenient and secure way to get your cash on the go.

How do I get Cardless Cash?

    • First, you will need to be enrolled in online banking.  If you have not yet enrolled, please visit to get started.
    • Then, you will need to download the HomeStreet Bank mobile app from the Apple Store for iPhones or the Google Play Store for Android devices.
    • Next, sign into the HomeStreet mobile app using your HomeStreet Bank online user name and password.  After accepting the terms and conditions of the Mobile Banking Agreement, you will be able to use Cardless Cash.

Who can use Cardless Cash?

    • Consumers enrolled in HomeStreet Bank online banking and Mobile banking
    • Please make sure your HomeStreet mobile app version is 4.1.7.  To check your current app’s version, select “About” in your mobile app’s menu.

What accounts are eligible?

    • A consumer checking account with a linked debit or ATM card.  If you have more than one card issued for your checking account, only one card may be designated for Cardless Cash.  Please call our Customer Support Center at 1-800-719-8080 for assistance.

Can I withdraw funds from my savings account with Cardless Cash?

    • Savings accounts are not eligible.

How can I tell which account I am withdrawing funds from?

    • In the “Withdraw From” section, the last four digits of the account your withdrawing from will display.
    • If you have multiple consumer checking accounts linked to your debit card(s), you will see a “>” symbol where you will have the option to select which account to withdraw funds.

Which ATMs offer Cardless Cash?

    • To find an ATM that offers Cardless Cash, tap the “Locations” button on the home screen, then type in a city or zip code to find the HomeStreet ATM closest to your location.
    • You can also tap the “Find Cardless Cash ATMs” button on the cash withdrawal screen with the mobile app to find a HomeStreet ATM closest to you.

Are HomeStreet Bank credit cards eligible for Cardless Cash?

    • No, only ATM or debit cards are eligible.

Can I use Cardless Cash at other non-HomeStreet Bank ATMs that support a Cardless Cash service?

    • No.  Cardless Cash is currently available only at HomeStreet Bank ATMs that are enabled with this feature.

How do I use Cardless Cash?

    • First, log into the HomeStreet mobile app.
    • From the menu, select “Cardless Cash”.
    • On the withdrawal screen, select an account; enter the amount and press “Save” to save the transaction.
    • Once you’re at a Cardless Cash enabled ATM, press the “Cardless Cash” button on the ATM.  Then pull up the saved transaction in the mobile app and scan the QR code on the ATM.
    • Collect your cash. 
    • PLEASE NOTE:  You will not receive a printed receipt.  An electronic receipt will appear on your device once the transaction is completed.

What are the benefits of Cardless Cash?

    • Faster processing – Set up cash withdrawal transactions in advance before arriving at an ATM.  No need to insert your card or enter your PIN.
    • Secure – Set up the transactions privately with no worry about your card information and PIN being viewed.
    • Immediate access to withdraw funds – Request an ATM or debit card when opening your account at a branch and get immediate access to withdraw available funds.  You don’t need to wait for the physical card to arrive to use the ATM.
    • No cards – No need to carry an ATM or debit card to use the ATM.

Is Cardless Cash safe?

    • Yes.  Because you don’t need to insert your debit card to use Cardless Cash, there’s no risk of ATM skimming devices capturing your card information, and/or cameras recording your PIN.
    • Cardless Cash can only be used on your device that is registered for HomeStreet Bank’s mobile banking service.  Our HomeStreet Bank Mobile Banking App features industry standard encryption and no personal information is stored in the app or on your device.
    • PLEASE NOTE:  Anyone to whom you have given your login information, or who has a registered Touch ID fingerprint on your device will be able to withdraw cash from your deposit account(s) using Cardless Cash.

What if I’ve ordered a new card, or replaced an existing card.  Will Cardless Cash activate my card in transit?  When can I use Cardless Cash?

    • No, using Cardless Cash will not activate your card.  You will still need to activate your card once you receive it in the mail.
    • If a card has been ordered through Customer Support, you can use the Cardless Cash feature the next business day.
    • Please keep in mind that Cardless Cash will be functional once a card has been ordered.  Therefore, you will be able to use Cardless Cash to make withdrawals before you receive and/or active your card.  All terms and conditions applicable to the card apply to Cardless Cash.

When is the current and available balance affected when using Cardless Cash?

    • The transaction is real-time, so the balance is affected at the time of withdrawal.

What are the daily withdrawal limits for Cardless Cash?

    • Withdrawal limits are the same limits that are imposed on your ATM or debit card. Cardless Cash does not have a separate limit.
    • All terms and conditions applicable to the card, including any withdrawal limitations apply to your use of the Cardless Cash feature.
Cardless Cash is a trademark of FIS