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New Construction Loan Programs

Financing can be one of the biggest influences on your buyers’ decision to purchase. Finding a lender who understands your buyers’ concerns, the new home sales process and offers programs and services specific to new home sales is rare. HomeStreet is one of the top new home lenders in the Western United States. We have been working with builders for over 90 years, and have hundreds of experienced sales professionals that can bring you a wealth of ideas and solutions to create sales.

To learn more about our builder mortgage services, , contact Anthony Grasst, VP Builder Division at 206-245-3656 (Direct) or

Extended Locks

No cost extended locks, up to 360 days, with a free float down option within 60 days of closing. This includes all Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, USDA, and Portfolio programs.

Spec Mover

We give our builders the ability to lock current interest rates on unsold homes without a buyer in place! We can lock up to $2mm for up to 90 days at no cost. The lock protects the builder and buyer from changing interest rates and allows the sales team to promote rates that can be honored. The locks are transferable to your other homes and neighborhoods. This is an excellent product that creates buyer urgency and, when paired with concessions, can create below-market interest rates.

Temporary and Permanent Buy Downs

Fixed conventional, FHA, and VA. Temporary buy downs create low payment options and promotions.

Interest Abatement

Allows the seller to pay in advance up to 6 months of interest on the buyer’s loan. Buyer only pays the principle on the home loan (FHA/VA loans).

Condo Financing Prior to Pre-Sale

We offer the ability to close loans prior to agency pre-sale guidelines on new condominiums for buyers who put 20% down.