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Builder Workflows

Financing can be one of the biggest influences on your buyers’ decision to purchase. Finding a lender who understands your buyers’ concerns, the new home sales process and offers programs and services specific to new home sales is rare. HomeStreet is one of the top new home lenders in the Western United States. We have been working with builders for over 90 years, and have hundreds of experienced sales professionals that can bring you a wealth of ideas and solutions to create sales.

To learn more about our builder mortgage services, , contact Anthony Grasst, VP Builder Division at 206-245-3656 (Direct) or

Make Sense Underwriting

HomeStreet’s underwriting follows Fannie Mae’s automated decision program.

Underwritten Pre-Approvals

Our pre-approval letters are fully underwritten in advance with conditions so you know they are valid. You no longer have to take undue financial risk due to buyer fallout and questionable “pre-approvals.” New

New Home Appraisers

We use appraisers who are experienced with new construction in each market to reduce appraisal errors common in today’s market. Quick turn times and great communication are part of the process.

Age of Credit Documents

At HomeStreet, credit documents for new construction purchases are good for 120 days on all Fannie and Jumbo programs and 180 days on all government programs, reducing the burden on buyers to provide duplicate documentation prior to closing.

Loan Documents out Prior to Final CO and 442

Documents are out early to escrow so clients can sign and conduct their walk through without being rushed. The final CO and appraisal (442) are moved to funding conditions.

Limited Escrow Holdback

We only holdback 100% of cost, not 150% like other lenders, for weather-related and non-occupancy related items that will be completed after closing (on Fannie Mae and Freddie Macloans only).

Limited Credit Overlays

HomeStreet’s credit overlays are minimal compared to most lenders, resulting in faster approvals and more lending options for your buyers.