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Homeownership Benefit Program

Let us introduce our award-winning, employer–assisted housing program, the Hometown Home Loan Program. Participating employers and associations include it in their benefits packages, saving employees and members thousands of dollars on home loans. Learn more about what makes Affinity Lending special. Here’s a hint: It involves saving a lot of money with the Hometown Home Loan Program. Other hint: It involves a fantastic personal relationship with HomeStreet Bank. Okay, no more hints. Let’s get into it.

About Affinity Lending

The history of the Hometown Home Loan Program

The Hometown Home Loan Program was originally developed in 1994 with the City of Seattle to help police and fire department employees qualify for homes in neighborhoods close to where they worked. The goals were to improve emergency response time, reduce commute times and increase homeownership opportunities in Seattle. The program became a success and has since been adopted by nearly 100 employers in Washington, Oregon and Hawaii.

Now more than 90 employers and membership organizations offer the Hometown Home Loan Program in their benefits package, including the University of Washington, Seattle Seahawks and Sounders, City of Portland, King County, Spokane School District and Edmonds Community College.

The Hometown Home Loan Program is one of the longest running employer-assisted housing programs in the nation and has been helping employees become homeowners since 1994. It has received local and national awards as well as attention from the media and leading housing industry professionals, which continuously strengthens the reputation and success of the program. The program is made possible by a partnership between the employers who adopt the program and housing professionals such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, local partners such as the Washington State Housing Finance Commission and the Portland Housing Center, as well as many municipal and community organizations.

Are you an employer or membership organization leader? Want to find out how to add the Hometown Home Loan Program to your benefits package? We just happen to have a link to that right here.

Program Benefits

Hometown Home Loan Program at a glance

The Hometown Home Loan Program is a no-cost benefit that is valuable to both employers and individual employees:

  • Loan fee reduced by 50%
  • Discounts on escrow fees and home inspections
  • Free, on-site homeownership education
  • Flexible loan programs and down payment assistance programs
  • Experienced staff to help facilitate outreach
  • Quarterly reports

As part of your Hometown Home Loan Program, you get a dedicated outreach team to help with information regarding your employee benefits. You’re looking out for them; we’re looking out for you.

Overcoming barriers to homeownership

Adopting the Hometown Home Loan Program can help your employees overcome many of the traditional barriers to homeownership. According to research conducted by the Washington Homeownership Center, the top three perceived obstacles to homeownership are:

  • Having enough money for down payment and closing costs
  • Finding an affordable house with the right amenities
  • Not knowing how to get started buying a home

Our Affinity Lending Partners

Affinity Lending partners with employers and associations to offer the Hometown Home Loan Program. Here are just a few of the many organizations that take advantage of our exclusive benefits through the Hometown Home Loan Program:

Seahawks TicketsWest Red Lion City of Seattle

Interested in adding your name to this list? We’d love to have you. Get in touch with our Affinity Lending department to discuss how.

We’ve made it easy to adopt the Hometown Home Loan Program for your employees or members. Just seemed like the right thing to do.

HomeStreet Bank's Affinity Lending Center will:

  • Coordinate a presentation and explanation of benefits to your executive management or human resources staff.
  • Provide a simple contract that explains the agreement between HomeStreet and your organization.
  • Plan and execute a launch of the program to your employees or members at no cost to your organization.
  • Establish an annual outreach plan to provide regular reminders of the program's benefits to your employees or members. A dedicated Outreach Coordinator will ensure that the program is easy to administer and will supply all announcements, reminders and collateral materials.

If you’d like to schedule a presentation to learn more about our program, contact us:

Hawaii and Washington State
Audi Ritz
Vice President, Affinity Relationship Manager

Spokane/Eastern Washington
Andy Slipper
Vice President, Affinity Relationship Manager

Oregon State
Jennifer Larsen
Vice President, Affinity Relationship Manager